r.t7k.com is the offical URL shortener of

Steven French Consulting


Security and Safety

Steven French Consulting has taken numerous steps to ensure the safety of any website you access via a shortened URL beginnging with r.t7k.com.

First only trusted employees of Steven French Consulting are authorized to create shorten URL on r.t7k.com.

Second whenever a new short URL is created, we verify the site is clean using multiple blacklists. Additionally our database of shorten URLs is routinely checked against the same blacklists. Any URL found on a blacklist, is either blocked from being shorten, or removed from our database if it was already shorten.

Third if you want to see where you are being sent, before you actually go there; just add ~ to the end of the URL. You will then be shown what your final destination is, prior to proceeding. So for example if the short URL is http://r.t7k.com/1, then to preview the final destination you'd go to http://r.t7k.com/1~ instead.

You can trust that any short URL beginning with r.t7k.com will take you to a site we have deemed as safe.

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